Timmy Burkhart

Instructional Designer & Employee Owner

Timmy Burkhart

Alma Mater
Carnegie Mellon University

What He’s Passionate About

All things eLearning. Timmy believes in designing eLearning experiences that promote learner engagement and long-lasting impact; creating and maintaining eLearning standards that promote consistent learning experiences; and analyzing eLearning production processes to find ways to improve efficiency.

Professional Experience

Innovation started early for Timmy. During his graduate program, he and his project team designed and developed a functional prototype for an essay grading and revision tool for Turnitin. Shortly following his degree, he consulted for the Society for Contemporary Craft, where he helped implement the use of digital badges in youth apprenticeship workshops. Since joining TiER1, Timmy has had the opportunity to design or develop over 150 eLearning modules for our clients and define eLearning standards on various projects.

An Unlikely Path

Timmy was a guitarist in a metal band during high school and still attends live music events on a regular basis. If he’s not collaborating with his teammates to produce meaningful learning experiences, you might find him in the kitchen perfecting a recipe.

What Matters Most

Timmy dedicates his time as a mentor to current graduate students at Carnegie Mellon, where they complete a capstone project in which they apply user research and design techniques to address business needs for external clients. He is also a member of HeadCount, where he registers voters at live music events. His favorite part of the day is coming home to Natalie, his girlfriend, and Ruby, their dog. Timmy keeps close ties with his family and friends from Blandon, PA, the small town where he grew up.

Favorite Things

That first sip of coffee in the morning.
Hearing a nostalgic tune on the radio.
Eating at new restaurants.