Tom Rausch

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Tom Rausch

Alma Mater
Lawrence University

What He’s Passionate About

Leveraging purpose and values so leaders and organizations maximize their potential. He also loves teaching leaders to coach so they can stimulate the vertical development and engagement of their people. Tom is a certified Coach2Lead consultant.

Professional Experience

Tom started his career in training and development, first at a trade association and later leading a sales training function for a division of a Fortune 500 company. In the mid 90s, he left the corporate world to co-found, grow, and later sell two successful companies: the first focused on eLearning and digital media, and the second on leadership development and corporate culture transformation. As a culture consultant, Tom is adept at helping organizations identify the levers that will help the organization evolve to the next level. As a leadership coach, he helps senior teams create increased cohesion and collaboration while developing their teams to meet and exceed their goals.

How He Makes a Difference

Tom’s favorite work is connecting people to their own special voice of inner wisdom so that they can uncover and express their unique purpose in the world.Tom’s message to the world is that it is the birthright of every human being to have a daily intimate connection and dialog with their source of inner wisdom, and for those of us who wish to change the world, it is a sacred duty.

What He Can’t Live Without

Tom loves playing with his grandchildren who are a source of joy in his life! He also can’t live without time on the yoga mat or meditation cushion. This daily meditation practice time is his secret to keeping him in flow and peak performance.