Tracy Ruberg

Mercury Navigator

Hallmarks of Her Work
IT Strategy and Change Management
Helping Clients Get “Unstuck”
Asking the Right Questions
Understanding Holistic Impact of Change

Her Professional Experience

Tracy specializes in consulting and advising on process improvement, change management, IT strategy, and more. With over 25 years of experience in operations, technology, and sales, she uses her energy and broad business knowledge to help organizations find creative solutions that advance strategic objectives. Her comprehensive background allows her to know where a proposed change is going to impact an organization and how to most effectively communicate with all departments about that change. She can understand and grow a strategic vision while building tactical plans to support those goals. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small family-held businesses.

Her Coaching Approach

Tracy’s passion is helping others get “unstuck” to rise to new levels. Her ability to ask the right questions makes her clients feel understood. By developing trust early in the engagement, projects often experience a jumpstart that helps her clients stay on track, anticipate challenges, and easily understand and address change.

Additionally, Tracy’s advising engagements are marked by her effervescent curiosity and her ability to “stand in the shoes” of the client’s employees at all levels. She believes in gaining clarity on the end result, and that project success hinges on continuous, strategic, and transparent company-wide communication. She works to develop solutions that will impact all levels of an organization.

She’s Not All Business

When she’s not at work, Tracy spends time volunteering with school levy campaigns and on the youth board at church. She is an avid reader who can’t live without books – if her “to be read” pile gets down to 3 books or less, she starts to panic!