Ty Lee

Communications Consultant & Employee Owner

Alma Mater
The Ohio State University

What He’s Passionate About

Analyzing a problem and finding the most creative and efficient way to solve the issue. Ty loves communicating change across all audiences so everyone is on board and ready to make a change together.

His Professional Experience

Ty has a minor in professional writing and experience in drafting presentations, portfolios, proposals, grants, and reporting. During an internship with the Columbus Museum of Art, he worked on grant writing and corporate relations. Ty has worked on strategic communication campaigns to help organizations align and identify their values, and then market those values to their audiences in various communications deliverables. Ty has also worked in retail customer service for 3 years.

An Unlikely Path

Ever since he was young, Ty has wanted to work for National Geographic. He wanted to travel and write for them, explore the world, meet new people and cultures, and, above all, experience the humility of realizing that he is just one small person in a giant world. Other dream jobs include being a sculpture and ceramics artist, a DIY handyman who flips houses and furniture, and a singer.

What People Say About Him

“Ty can take any topic and translate it for a polar opposite audience to help them understand it in their own way. He serves as an effective liaison so that there is a constant flow of communication and understanding between both sides.”

Fun Facts

Loves learning new facts and information, especially about cultures and history.
Hasn’t traveled across the Mississippi River (yet).
Enjoys attending festivals where he can see, smell, taste, and discover new things.