Valerie Green

Video Lead / Creative Strategist & Employee Owner

Val Green

Alma Mater
University of Cincinnati – DAAP

What She’s Passionate About

Creating engaging content utilizing visual storytelling (which means she loves video).

Her Street Cred

We count on Val for her expertise as video lead, motion designer, user interface designer, graphic designer, and accessibility advocate. From working in branding at Lippincott Mercer in New York, user interface design and data visualization at Frog in San Francisco, and interactive designer at Possible in Cincinnati, she provides extensive expertise in data visualization. She’s also developed interface solutions for both Boost Mobile and AT&T. She also loves leveraging her user experience knowledge to create richer and stronger user experiences.

How She Makes a Difference

Since Val knows what it’s like being a student, she loves delivering care packages to University of Cincinnati DAAP students during their final project weeks. She takes them late at night when students are stuck working hard in their studios. She loves giving back to a program that gave so much to her, and showing the future of design appreciation and support.

How She’ll Surprise You

Val is rich with analogies, and always ready for an adventure. She trains for the MMA. And she has 2 hypo-allergenic cats named Mishka and Ivan.

Her Basic Needs

Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowl from First Watch
Air Conditioning
Her De-Frizzing Hair Product