Zac Ryland

Senior Solutions Instructional Designer & Employee Owner

Zac Seiler

Alma Mater
University of Louisville

What He’s Passionate About

Culture, engagement, and growing people.

Professional Experience

Zac is a consultant on TiER1’s learning team, where he creates solutions for our clients ranging from eLearning/ILT modules to mobile learning solutions. His knowledge draws upon experience in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, along with his time leading and coaching teachers. Initially a member of the national Teach for America program, and most recently as a lead teacher in the Cincinnati Public School district, Zac has learned to combine data, content, and methodology to produce strong results. His journey has provided him with opportunities to develop minds in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati while starting and managing programs and implementing curriculum design.

Since joining TiER1, Zac has begun to work on gamification projects and has lead clients from California to New York City on various initiatives. He has presented as a facilitator for Macy’s and has built solutions for multiple clients including Delta, Aileron, P&G, Paycor, Vantiv, Lenscrafters, E.W. Scripps, and more.

How He’ll Surprise You

When Zac isn’t working with clients, you’ll find him taking up a day hike or singing along to every pop song from the 90s.

Favorite Book

Zac’s all-time favorite book series is Harry Potter. Beyond the story that is still a mainstay in pop culture he says, “There’s so much more than what’s on the surface, the books contain rules to live by.”