We’re in the business of
people and learning.

Across the higher ed space, learning is in a state of continual transformation. Traditional publishers are redefining their workstreams and roles to become digital solutions providers. Academic institutions are evolving the student experience on campus and online. It’s a diverse ecosystem undergoing significant, evolutionary change. And TiER1 is helping to align these moving parts into a cohesive, integrated whole.

How we transform learning.


Curriculum Design

We bring together instructional designers and subject-matter experts to architect engaging curriculum that aligns to the learner’s needs and the method of delivery (online, in-person, or blended).


Learning Strategy

Whether you use Bloom’s taxonomy or another model, we create and develop learning outcomes, objectives, and pathways to guide the development of your learners.


Instructional Media

From interactive assessments to instructor-led videos, we’re a one-stop shop for media assets that are engaging, interactive, and highly valuable to your learners and their development.


eLearning Development

Whether it’s a customized interactive experience or a templatized approach to building and maintaining content, we design and craft eLearning that’s effective and engaging.


Quality Control

We balance the triple constraint to make sure we deliver a quality project within the defined parameters. The extra step we take to ensure quality means a better end-product for every client.


Content Development

We’ll draft any and all of your deliverables, including reference materials, video scripts, PPT decks, rubrics and lesson plans, infographics, ads, articles, posters, and more.

Who We Are

You might be wondering, who exactly is TiER1 Performance Solutions? Well, we love designing and developing solutions that help people (and organizations) perform better. We’re an award-winning, employee-owned consulting firm in the business of improving the performance of organizations through the performance of people to build a better world.

TiER1ers collaborate across six disciplines…

…to custom-craft and deliver engaging, people-centered business solutions. We’re equally at home implementing change management programs and creating motion graphics videos. Want to learn how TiER1 can help fulfill your performance goals? Drop us a line below!

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