Announcing TiER1 Healthcare

Compass Clinical Is Now
TiER1 Healthcare

We are thrilled to announce that Compass Clinical Consulting, which TiER1 Performance acquired in July 2018, is now TiER1 Healthcare. Under the new name, TiER1 Healthcare consultants will continue to help hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations improve performance from within. But now, with expanded services that have resulted from further integration with the TiER1 focus on people and culture.

“When we acquired Compass Clinical, we were incredibly impressed with the caliber of the clinical consultant team,” says Greg Harmeyer, CEO and cofounder of TiER1 Performance. “Combining additional capabilities as TiER1 Healthcare allows us to impact a broader range of systems within the healthcare organization and ultimately see longer term results.”

TiER1 Healthcare consultants are intensely focused on people, because excellent healthcare is largely dependent upon the performance of people within the various systems of the healthcare organization.

“Building that excellence often starts with overall organizational development, including talent development and onboarding, and leads to a culture that drives safety compliance and better patient outcomes.” shares Harmeyer. “When that system is sustained through an integrated approach that engages all employees and drives continuous performance improvement, that’s when the potential of healthcare is fully activated.”

Our TiER1 Healthcare service offerings include accreditation and regulatory compliance, interim healthcare leadership, integrated operating systems, employee onboarding, organizational development, and talent development. You can learn about all of our healthcare offerings here.

“We partner with healthcare executives who want to be better and do better,” says Mark Reifsteck, President and Managing Director of TiER1 Healthcare. “Expanding our services under the TiER1 Healthcare name allows us to combine our extensive clinical expertise with deep expertise in people and behaviors to create solutions that deliver sustained results in the healthcare organization.”

These solutions can now range from a mock survey or operational process consulting to a fully customized onboarding portal or compliance training experience. Either way, they are designed to allow the healthcare organization to activate the potential they are seeking.

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