Best Way to Spend Sabbatical

The Best Way
to Spend
a Sabbatical

Greg Harmeyer, TiER1 CEO and Co-Founder, recently took a well-deserved sabbatical for the summer of 2017. (You can check out his article to hear from Greg why he decided to take a step back for the summer.)

With Greg coming back this month, we’re all excited to learn about what he was up to during his time off. A few TiER1ers have floated around some theories, and we thought we’d share our favorite ones with you.

Our favorite theories.

Laura Hoppa, Senior Solutions Communications Consultant, theorizes that Greg has become a pop culture junkie. “He’s finally had the time to catch up on the last 15 years of pop culture, and he’s probably really caught up in it.”

Ryan Meyer, Director of Technology Solutions, agrees. “I can just see Greg coming back and saying, ‘Seriously, have you guys heard of Netflix? It’s amazing.’”

TiER1ers joked that Greg has finally discovered everything from Twilight and Real Housewives to Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

Sarah Ehrnschwender, Director of Marketing, suggested that Greg has combined two of his favorite things (beer and business) to have the perfect summer. “He spent the first half visiting breweries to learn what makes a great brew, and now he’s writing a book about how it’s similar to creating a great company: a blend of business, art, and science.

Some unlikely contenders.

Some of our ideas stretched way outside the box, but all in good fun.

  • Kris Henninger, Senior Consultant: Heading up the Fiona fan club for the Cincinnati Zoo’s newest baby hippo.
  • Matt Ciocca, Senior Rapid Author and Courseware Developer: Took some spelunking classes.
  • Liz Rosenau, Communication Strategist: Doing an “Eat, Pray, Love” personal reflection journey…only instead of Italy, India, and Indonesia, he went to various Cincinnati suburbs.
  • Ian Herzog, Operations Specialist: Working on recording an EP with DJ Profit Margin entitled Slow Jamming. (If you’re reading this, Greg, we would totally buy that EP.)

What Greg actually did.

Interested to hear about what Greg was really doing on his sabbatical? Stay tuned for an update from Greg coming soon (once he clears out his inbox, that is).

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