Change Enablement



Change is never easy. But if you can build employee ownership and accountability for the change, you allow them to embrace the role they play in it. Applying coaching principles throughout the process allows you to decrease resistance, increase adoption, and ultimately, achieve sustainment of a successful change.


Learning to coach your people through change can help your organization thrive in a constantly evolving environment. A culture of coaching creates the foundation for people to manage change effectively and efficiently. Coaching strengthens relationships, enhances overall trust, and increases the willingness to embrace new ideas and processes. Why? Because leaders who coach invite people to take responsibility for their own results, which empowers them to create and execute their solutions.

benefits of Coaching for Change:

Building trust.

Low trust typically equates to high pain when it comes to change. Coaching can help build the kind of trust that dramatically reduces the negative impact that people experience throughout the change curve.

Empowering growth.

Neuroscience research shows we are capable of tremendous learning and change throughout our life. Coaching stimulates new neural networks, including increased motivation to proactively pursue lofty goals and the ability to make choices more easily.

Embracing change.

When companies foster a culture of coaching, they become high-trust organizations that can sail through the seas of change and navigate any choppy waters. Empowering your people to embrace change can keep your efforts sustained well after the go-live date.

Coaching Modules on change

Module Name Learning Outcomes Benefits
Coaching to Reduce Resistance to Change Learn coaching skills that nudge people through change. Reduce resistance to change.
Coaching for Change Adoption Understand a process for gaining buy-in through questions. Speed adoption of change.
Coaching for Change Sustainment Understand a process to encourage positive new habits. Sustain desired change.
Develop Your Change Coaching Style Create a plan for becoming masterful at helping people adapt. Create a culture where change is accepted and embraced.

Need more than coaching?

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