Coaching Culture



High-performing organizations don’t leave culture to chance. They make strategic choices to continually craft and influence their culture to create and sustain high performance. Coaching can help your leaders promote and model the desired behaviors that will get everyone in your organization aligned to the right values.


Creating a coaching culture is a long-term process of developing coaching skills in your leaders, managers, and supervisors. Organizations with a culture of coaching are marked by high levels of performance and empowerment that focus on individual growth, development, and accountability. Through coaching, your people can courageously engage in meaningful conversations about how they can improve their working relationships, their performance, and the organization’s performance. It’s an exciting, ongoing journey that can have a lasting impact on your company.

benefits of a Coaching Culture:

Developing leaders.

Engagement. Collaboration. Accountability. Problem-solving. All of these can be part of your culture, and they’re all activated by leaders who know how to coach to develop their people. Developing leaders as coaches empowers you to create the right organizational culture.

Fostering accountability.

Great organizations are made up of great teams. For teams to collaborate and work together, there needs to be high levels of trust and accountability. Coaching can restore and strengthen trust and accountability within and among teams, helping your teams move to the next level.

Maximizing growth.

To grow, we need to change, and change requires us to be in the right mindset. Learning to coach teaches leaders how to move their people toward a growth mindset, enabling them to execute strategy and maximize their growth.

Coaching Modules on culture

Module Name Learning Outcomes Benefits
Maximizing Growth Mindsets Understand how to shift people from a fixed to growth mindset. Elevate how your people execute your strategy.
Coaching That Builds Trust Understand how trust can be regained though coaching. Restore full accountability to your teams.
Team Coaching Learn three complimentary approaches to team coaching. Empower collaboration and team problem-solving.
Coaching for Recognition Learn to inspire performance through recognition. Satisfy a top unmet need in your employees.
Coaching When You Don’t Have Time to Coach Understand the secrets to coaching efficiently. Save time while increasing your coaching impact.
Prepare to Be Coached Help employees understand their role as coachee. Develop people faster to increase their impact.
Coaching Peers Understand how coaching can build collaboration with peers. Build influence and cooperation without authority.
Develop a Culture of Coaching Create a plan leading and sustaining a culture of coaching. Increase innovation, creativity, and accountability to results.

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