Leadership Development



With Coach2Lead, leaders get more than a toolbox for enabling teams—they also gain a radically different perspective on how to empower their people to take action, develop, and grow.


It’s simple: leaders who coach and develop are much more effective than ones who direct and prescribe. Leaders who go through Coach2Lead build new mindsets and skills so they can use coaching as their primary leadership style. The result: leaders are better able to connect with employees, activate your strategy, and have a big impact across the organization.

benefits of coaching for leadership:


Time is a precious resource for leaders. Taking a blended learning approach to coaching allows you to maximize the results of your people’s behavior change while minimizing the workload asked of them. Plus, coaching can help leaders empower their people to own their decisions, freeing up more time in the long run.


You want your leaders to not only start coaching their people, but continue to coach over the years. With Coach2Lead, we’ve found success in solving both sides of that equation. Over 80% of leaders who go through Coach2Lead have embraced coaching as their go-to leadership style. And our supporting framework helps organizations sustain that adoption over time.

High performance.

It’s a big statement, but true: Coaching is one of the most impactful leadership skills for getting the optimal performance from your people. Leaders who coach, develop, and hold their people accountable to do the same often outperform those who don’t by wide margins on multiple measures of business success.

Coaching Modules on leadership Development

Module Name Learning Outcomes Benefits
The Case for Coaching Understand the neuroscience and business case for coaching. Gain participant buy-in to the value of leading by coaching.
Deep Listening Identify and overcome listening challenges. Build trust and connection in relationships.
Artful Questioning Ask questions that elevate thinking and drive insight. Uncover limiting assumptions and open up creativity.
Meaningful Coaching Conversations Apply a simple coaching structure to inspire action. Empower employees to solve their own problems.
Follow-up Coaching Conversations Learn a process to embed new learning and new habits. Support your people in their continual development.
Team Coaching Learn three complimentary approaches to team coaching. Empower collaboration and team problem-solving.
Coaching for Recognition Learn to inspire performance through recognition. Satisfy a top unmet need in your employees.
Develop Your Authentic Coaching Style Create a plan for becoming masterful at developing people. Create a culture of engagement and accountability.

Need more than coaching?

We’re in the business of helping organizations align their culture, leadership, and people so that everyone is energized and inspired to do better and be better.