Performance Management



Want to take employee performance to the next level? It all comes down to a productive, positive employee experience. Coach2Lead trains managers to hold future-facing, frequent, and meaningful conversations around individual performance and career progress.


Through Coach2Lead, your managers and employees can engage in a collaborative process that focuses on goal development, goal alignment, coaching, and employee career development. These conversations can help your people clarify key business objectives, assess employee skills and capabilities to deliver those objectives, analyze current performance and potential, and put in place specific programs to help improve your people’s  performance. By including discussions of career plans, appropriateness of the current job, potential future positions, and learning and development programs, Coach2Lead can evolve your existing performance management system to help everyone in your organization succeed.

benefits of coaching for performance management:

Productive relationships.

The performance of any individual often depends on their interactions with their manager. Coach2Lead can help your managers engage in productive dialogue, discussing realistic goals and challenges within a “manager as coach” relationship.

Performance potential.

Most performance management systems measure people’s past performance, putting people in boxes that limit their performance potential. Coach2Lead equips managers to help people grow and possess greater capabilities than they’re currently expressing.

Organizational impact.

When organizations re-envision performance management in terms of meaningful conversations, they can see positive and observable impacts on individual performance and overall talent development efforts.

Coaching Modules on performance

Module Name Learning Outcomes Benefits
Career Conversations That Develop People Understand the mindsets and behaviors that drive development. Gain buy-in to the value of holding frequent, meaningful career conversations.
Developing Potential in Everyone Ask questions that uncover potential and drive career development. Build loyalty and motivation with every career conversation.
The Four Skills of Career Conversations Understand when and how to use four career conversation skills. Hold powerful and empowering career conversations.
Giving Difficult Feedback Well Learn how to give feedback that is heard and acted upon. Support your people in overcoming their blind spots.
Seeking & Receiving Feedback Model continual personal development. Reach and teach full leadership potential.
Goal Alignment Conversations Understand how to align strengths, values, goals, and roles. Help people find meaning in their work.

Need more than coaching?

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