Sales Enablement



Sales is hard work. To be as efficient and successful as possible, sales managers need their people to have a mindset of excellence. Coaching your sales team can improve their skills—and results—significantly.


Coaching helps sales professionals succeed along the entire sales cycle. Coach2Lead’s framework for sales coaching is flexible and adaptable—you can customize it to fit your unique sales cycle and the ever-evolving marketplace. By using the right coaching framework to activate your sales team, you can help them:

• Identify the best opportunities
• Consistently move deals through the sales cycle
• Improve listening, questioning, and communication skills
• Adopt and maintain habits of success
• Focus on prime targets within given territory limits

benefits of coaching for sales enablement:

Transforming management.

When sales managers have the opportunity to develop strong coaching skills and mindsets, they can more effectively lead and inspire teams. Coaching helps sales managers become people developers rather than task masters, which means they’re better equipped to consistently meet and exceed goals.

Empowering teams.

Coaching sales people to solve their own performance challenges creates the buy-in and accountability needed to have them adopt and sustain the habits they need to excel. When people forge their own path to success using their unique strengths, you have taught them to fish for a lifetime.

Maximizing results.

Your sales team is looking for that competitive edge to make them as effective and successful as possible. Study after study has shown the superior results that come from supporting good training and good systems with good coaching. Daily coaching conversations can ensure your sales team delivers a maximum return on your investment.

Coaching Modules on sales Enablement

Module Name Learning Outcomes Benefits
The Case for Coaching Understand the business case for sales coaching. Gain buy-in from busy sales managers for sales coaching.
Deep Listening Identify and overcome listening challenges. Build trust and relationships with your sales team.
Artful Questioning Ask questions that elevate thinking and drive insight. Uncover limiting assumptions and increase innovation and results.
Coaching Conversations Apply a simple coaching structure to inspire action. Advance the confidence and professionalism of your sales team.
Follow-up to Create New Habits Learn a process to embed and sustain new behaviors and habits of success. Quickly identify and address performance issues.
Sales Coaching Conversations to Develop & Retain the Best Sales Team Understand how to leverage personal strengths and values to maximize sales motivation. Inspire new insights and opportunities for growth and advancement.
Develop Your Authentic Coaching Style Create a plan for becoming masterful at developing sales teams. Create an engaging workplace for successful sales teams.

Need more than coaching?

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