Commitment to Service

A Commitment to Service

Make a positive impact wherever you go.

I love this simple notion, and I love how we apply it to our clients and within our communities. When we serve our community, we strengthen our relationships and reputations.

When community service is embedded in a company’s culture, it extends professional growth and development out to our neighborhoods. That’s good for business. It’s also genuinely uplifting to work somewhere that encourages you to apply your energy and skills outside the office in non-transactional ways.

Non-transactional service in action.

Since joining the TiER1 team in 2003, I’ve always admired the flexibility TiER1ers have to engage in community and civic service, even when that meant occasionally taking time during the work week. Giving back has been a core part of our founders’ mindset early on. Not everything had to be transactional—a notion I would later come to fully appreciate.

This mindset of non-transactional service really stuck with me. It would eventually equip me to pursue my volunteer role as President and Founding Partner of Dupont Festival, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit that organizes and implements a wide range of free activities in the D.C. area throughout the year.

I’m driven by this idea of creatively animating public spaces. I work with diplomatic missions, U.S. federal agencies, and area universities to implement arts and cultural projects on National Park Service land. I consider it a labor of art and collaboration. My community projects are oriented to bringing people together and promoting community identity.

TiER1’s commitment to the community has grown as we’ve expanded our team and joined new communities over the last 15 years. We currently have a service board (nicknamed GiVE) that orchestrates our projects in the community. GiVE also rewards five weeks of service scholarships (above and beyond paid time-off) to TiER1ers who want to participate in volunteer service or mission work.

The impact of community service.

Organizations of all sizes can commit to service in simple ways. The key is to find a void in your community and fill it with your ideas, energy, and passion. Encourage your employees to reach out to their communities. Offer your company’s talents, time, and energy to local nonprofits that excite your interest or fulfill the company’s mission. Help set up for charitable events or clean up a neighborhood park.

Impacting our communities is meaningful and relevant. Making a positive impact creates new relationships. It augments employee skills. Plus, it’s incredibly enriching. I’m betting that it just might be the best team building and professional development you can invest in.

Interested in connecting with Aaron? Give us a call at (859) 415-1000 or drop us a line in the form at the bottom of this page. (We’re also curious to know which service activities have been the best professional development opportunities for your company!)

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