Delivering Meaningful Messages

Delivering Meaningful Messages 
in a Global Organization

I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott McGohan, CEO of McGohan Brabender and host of the podcast Side Affects with MB, to chat about the complexities of consistently delivering a meaningful message across the layers of an organization.

You can listen to the full episode; here are a few key thoughts that arose during our conversation.

Everybody wants to be more agile, more responsive, and more connected to their customers. And you do that through your own people. Your people are the representation of your brand.

If you have hundreds or thousands of employees scattered across the globe, it can be really difficult to align them around the same purpose, vision, and values. Translating that direction through layers of management and leadership so that people feel and experience what you want them to do is a daunting task. To do it, you’ve got to use lots of touchpoints and engagement.

How you engage people and how you align them and get them working on the same things at the right time depends upon distributed leadership across the organization. And if you want to do it with any sense of speed and agility, you have to distribute authority and autonomy.

As organizations work more and more toward distributed authority, they’re trying to get consistency at the same time. Some things that are critically important to consistency are communication, constant on-point messaging, internal marketing, and visualization of ideas and concepts around how you engage people and what you’re trying to do and what you’re about.

Context matters. You have to consider the context and the experience of your people. At TiER1, we help organizations start with the individual, with the end person, to help organizations see what the world looks and feels like to that person.

Some managers and leaders were brought up to focus on their grand strategy or plan, and then push it out to a mass of people. But we’re seeing that it doesn’t really work that way. People either absorb that plan or they don’t. You’ve got to look at their world and think about how you can make it comfortable and create the space for them to absorb things.

People really do want to do great work. They want to contribute, they want to do meaningful stuff. There’s something innate in us to want to contribute from our strengths. So we’ve got to create an environment that engages and taps into that discretionary energy. If you can inspire all the people in your organization to live out that brand, you really have something powerful—because businesses work best when everyone does their best work.

Listen to the full conversation on SoundCloud.

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