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FRONTiER Expo is an innovation summit where passion meets performance. Hosted by your friends at TiER1, this annual event lets you get up close and personal to experience some of today’s most effective performance solutions across multiple industries. Come network with performance enthusiasts and get inspired by stories of better performance fueled by innovation.

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June 21, 3-6 pm MT

Registration opens April 27!

Will be announced soon!


July 13, 3-6 pm CET

Registration opens May 18!

Will be announced soon!


October 11, 3-6 pm ET

Registration opens August 17!

Will be announced soon!


October 26, 3-6 pm ET

Registration opens August 31!

Will be announced soon!

embracing innovation
expanding possibilities.

At FronTiER Expo, you’ll see how innovation helps your peers develop better leaders, lead organizational change, build effective onboarding, positively impact people, and realize potential. It’s an experience that’s part science fair, part happy hour, and all innovation, giving you insight into the latest capabilities and best practices for improving the performance of your people.