Gaming Your Change

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We’re TiER1, and we’re in the business of people and performance.

We geek out on learning and applying innovative findings that drive high-performing individuals and organizations. And we’ve found five game design principles that inspire behavior change and make organizational readiness fun and measurable:






Your Change

We dive into the five factors behind this strategy in our whitepaper Gaming Your Change, illustrating how to pair game mechanics with change management best practices and behavioral science. If you’re looking for accessible, practical ways of driving behavior change in your organization, check it out. (You don’t even need to fill out a form to get it.)

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We’ve also incorporated these principles into Adoptify, a custom web experience that gamifies change and learning. Learn more about using Adoptify for your next initiative.

…to custom-craft and deliver engaging, people-centered business solutions. We’re equally at home implementing change management programs and creating motion graphics videos. Want to learn how TiER1 can help fulfill your performance goals? Drop us a line below!

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