Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Setting the stage for
what’s possible.

There’s a hum to thriving healthcare organizations, as if passion, engagement, and achievement are simply in the air. And in a way, they are. Like background music in a movie, your high-performing environment sets the stage for what your people can do for your patients. We’ll help you align your culture, leadership, and people, creating an energizing environment that inspires people to do better and be better. Build the best version of your organization—for your patients and your people.

How we influence organizational development


We believe a strong culture is paramount for patient safety. Your culture determines your employees’ and your licensed independent practitioners’ personal interactions—how they treat each other, how they think, and how they feel. It’s the primary contributor to your people’s engagement and how much energy and effort they’re willing to give you and your patients. Culture is a foundational element to ensuring your people feel safe in speaking up when they see something that might jeopardize a patient’s safety.

At TiER1 Healthcare, we think of culture as a strategy. We help hospitals and health systems transform cultures to enhance your team’s performance and your patients’ safety.

High-performing healthcare organizations simply don’t leave this to chance—they make strategic choices to continually craft and influence their culture. It’s a process that starts with a culture assessment, where we help measure and understand the current culture. Then we begin the ongoing work of establishing and building the ideal environment, regularly discussing your values with employees and consistently aligning your operational decisions and behaviors with those values.

It’s an exciting, ongoing journey, and we can support you through every step to achieve your desired results.


When it comes to leadership development, it’s all about the context. Strategy and culture are two critically contextual elements that allow leadership development to be effective. Great patient care leaders know how to realize the potential of others, while also managing for specific business results. Gallup research shows that people follow others for four reasons: hope, stability, compassion, and trust. High-impact leadership happens when your influence is offered within the framework of a value system and consistent culture.

We help leaders become aware of, clarify, and overcome blind spots that are holding them back. We know from research and experience the importance of emotional intelligence, and how integrating it with business acumen is a powerful amplifier of business leader impact. We have also found that building performance coaching mindsets and skills accelerates vertical development in leaders and the people they lead.

Leadership development requirements are unique for every hospital and health system. When you work with us, we listen deeply to understand you and your organization so we can custom-craft blended solutions using stories and technology that your leaders will embrace. Ultimately, your leaders will connect with your employees and live out the mission, vision, and values that you’ve already identified.


Great healthcare organizations are made up of great teams. Around the world, work gets done by collaborating across a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives. Your organization’s ability to execute strategy, create your desired culture, and rise to new heights is directly related to the health of your teams. Using a system of development tools, we work to intentionally foster cohesion and cross-team relationships, helping your teams move to the next level so they can provide the best patient care possible.

From executive leadership to clinical or business units, our focus is shaping teams that are agile, aligned, and deeply connected to patient outcomes. These are also teams with high trust. (We don’t think it’s a coincidence.)

When a group of people feels and thinks in an interrelated way, value creation soars. Cohesive feelings and thoughts result in action. And the positive impact is felt in employees, patients, and visitors alike.

Employee Engagement

Gallup has found that companies with engaged employees have higher earnings per share and recover from setbacks faster. Yet only about one-third of employees are engaged at their organizations, even on a good day. There’s hope though. The key to turning unengaged workers into passionate brand ambassadors and productive employees is understanding what motivates people and how they perform—and our capabilities put us right in that sweet spot.

Employees engage when an organization has integrity: its core values are reflected in daily behaviors across the organization. We calibrate our employee engagement solutions to reflect your healthcare organization’s culture and involve your frontline workers in telling the story of that culture.

Believing you have a higher purpose and trusting someone both stimulate oxytocin production in the brain. We use these concepts and other neuroscience best practices to strategically craft employee engagement solutions that work with the brain to help your people find joy in the workplace—even amid challenging patient care settings.

True engagement requires interaction, collaboration, and relationships. Using gamification techniques and principles, we craft an interactive experience within and around engagement. This increases your people’s motivation to engage with their peers, patients, and your organization.

Organizational Effectiveness

You have a mission and a vision for your organization, your people, and your patients. And you want to activate this throughout the organization. Is something getting in the way of achieving it?

Our consulting team can assess the performance factors at play. Are you confident that your hospital or health system truly has a culture of safety? Has your organization experienced adverse events, sentinel events, or near misses? Are you missing your financial goals?

We can help, whether it’s identifying the barriers or partnering to develop a solution for data you’ve already identified. We engage with your organization throughout the entire process to provide a workable approach and tools to enable both staff members and leadership to improve the quality of care provided to patients.

We not only assess the issue at hand, but can also provide the consultative advice and design the necessary solutions to implement a sustainable plan that addresses any safety concerns identified.


We are committed to helping hospital and health system clients improve the bottom line while achieving clinical and operational excellence.

Hospitals and health systems are under great pressure to control costs while also undergoing scrutiny of patient safety and quality of care. It’s challenging to do both, but they aren’t competing priorities. Designing safe care delivery and clinical management processes can eliminate rework and process inefficiencies, which reduces variability and confusion. Streamlined, efficient processes make no-value-added activities a thing of the past, improving outcomes and your bottom line.

In addition to our Strategic Integrated Work Plan, we also offer consulting, education, project management, and interim leadership designed to help organizations achieve results and sustain progress toward your goals. Among services offered are:

  • Focused Performance Improvement Consulting
  • Lean Six Sigma Training
  • Project Management and Interim Leadership

Our experienced consultants possess the clinical expertise and management knowledge to assess your emergency departments or nursing departments; observe processes and flow; and immediately begin to identify challenges and implement solutions. Our detailed project plans and weekly progress reports keep clients and consultants up-to-date and focused on the project, ensuring that goals are achieved quickly and with buy-in from everyone involved.

Our approach engages frontline staff—physicians and nurses—to lead the solution-oriented approach to make critical changes that improve patient outcomes with education, processes and environment of care, clinician skill-building, and behavior changes for both hard and soft skills.

We can provide solutions that reduce significant operating dollars tied up in unintended clinical variability for a complex patient population—length of stay, workforce productivity, outcomes, interventions, and resource utilization.

When done right, organizational development will expand the knowledge and effectiveness of your people so they’ll accomplish more successful organizational change and higher performance. Organizations mature and develop just the way individuals do, and creating a vibrant and engaging culture is a journey that we’re always excited to be a part of.