Strategic Integrated Work Plan

Strategic Integrated Work PlanSM

Organizations seeking excellence need
an excellent plan.

You’re providing safe, reliable care—but you want to do more. When you need to reduce costs, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance frontline engagement, you need a reliable plan that can get you there. That’s where Strategic Integrated Work PlanSM (SIWP) comes in. This dynamic operating system is the backbone of our performance improvement process. It employs a comprehensive approach to evaluate your healthcare organization’s structure, processes, and outcomes. That means integrating all your initiatives into a single, streamlined system so you can focus on achieving clinical and operational excellence.

How we drive transformation

Why choose SIWP?

  • It brings everything under one umbrella. SIWP gathers all current and future organizational initiatives and owners. Then it prioritizes them based on the outcomes you want—both clinical and financial.
  • It provides direction. By knowing where you are headed, it becomes easier to course-correct. SIWP provides a dashboard of target metrics and whether your organization is meeting them or not. This provides clarity for the entire organization.
  • It helps deliver the results you need. With initiatives identified by your leadership and powered by your people, SIWP drives efficiency, revenue enhancement, and cost savings, as well as key quality results. Proof that improving the bottom line doesn’t have to come at the expense of safe care.


Operational and Clinical Diagnostics

We start with organizational structure, processes, and desired outcomes. We partner with you to dive into your focus areas in clinical, operational, and patient outcomes. Then we assess how efficient and effective care delivery is based on your current metrics. We zero in on the data you have to create visibility, focus on top priorities, and monitor progress. This results in a defined work plan and communication structure for every initiative.


Organization Leaders

We train your managers and directors so they’re ready to lead the transformation of culture and to sustain the implemented changes. If you use Lean methodology, we’ll reinforce the learning and strengthen any gaps to ensure a common foundation and language for culture change. If you don’t use Lean, we’ll empower your people with the information, skills, and tools they’ll need.


Organization Culture and Change Readiness

We provide performance improvement consultants who will coach you through the project as change leaders make progress through the work plan. Plus we assess your culture and how ready your people are for change. Then we help you do the work needed to get you where you need to be.


Habits and Results

Throughout the entire process, we equip your people to sustain the project. Transferring knowledge and ownership, we ensure that accountability and culture change take place and hold the gains. And our performance improvement consultants are ensuring progress toward habits that stick.

Improve Results that Matter

We focus on improvement. And that can be in the areas with the biggest impact for you—labor management, throughput, value-based scores, patient satisfaction, or another identified goal. Ultimately, you’ll get:

  • An operating system that drives results
  • A system-wide dashboard of all key initiatives across your organization
  • Project plans that are consistent and detailed
  • A weekly and monthly tracking system for key performance indicators
  • Actionable, real-time data