Employee Care Drives Customer Care

Employee Care
Drives Customer Care

Exceptional customer care is the cornerstone of any great business.

Good CX drives not just sales results, but creation of genuine relationships between you and the people you serve. These relationships are what sustain the flow of business; when you believe in the mission of your company, every customer becomes an important part of the ecosystem (at TiER1, we call this part of our work building a better world!).

To build a better world, however, you first need your employees to believe in the mission of your organization: that’s where employee experience comes in. We believe that great customer experience starts with great employee experience, and we often refer to the Performance Value Chain.

A healthy Performance Value Chain is valuable in any organizational culture, but in some industries the stakes are higher. In healthcare, for example, attention to the connection between employee and patient care is not just a best business practice – it’s a crucial part of maintaining a quality, safe environment of care. Investment in the development of your employees can be the difference-maker between a good hospital and a great hospital.

Still Wondering Why You Should Invest in Employee Experience?

In this Thought Igniter, TiER1 Healthcare Managing Director Richard Corder expands on the idea of investing in employee experience to drive exceptional patient experience.


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