Interim Healthcare Leader Spotlight

Interim Healthcare Leadership

Amy Donaldson, Interim Leader

Amy Donaldson, DNP, MSN, RN

Rising to the challenge

Of all the aspects involved with being an interim healthcare professional, it’s the challenge that Amy Donaldson, DNP, MSN, RN, likes the most.

“Every day as an interim is different,” Amy says. “There’s always something new. Being an interim leader requires me to think critically and problem solve, which I really enjoy. It’s a great career choice for a risk taker because you don’t know what each assignment will bring.”

Amy has held a range of interim assignments at healthcare organizations in Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia. With her Doctor of Nursing Practice and a background as a chief quality officer, she has been a perfect fit for the quality manager and quality director positions she has been placed in through TiER1 Healthcare.

Starting from square one

At one opportunity where Amy was assigned Interim Director of Quality, her biggest challenge was the lack of procedural documents needed for the client’s newly formed ambulatory clinics. She dove right in, creating policies for the entire ambulatory system from scratch, including writing a patient safety program, quality procedures, an infection prevention plan, and more. This opportunity to effect change was what first drew Amy to become an interim healthcare professional.

“It’s very rewarding to see an organization do better and make a real change,” Amy says. “People want to do the right thing—they just need help getting there, and I’m glad I can provide that.”

A wide range of responsibilities

In addition to her policy work as an interim, Amy has been a part of leading improvement projects, project oversight of a new patient safety reporting system, assisting in hiring, vetting a policy management system, and most recently implementing Strategic Integrated Work Plan (SIWP), TiER1 Healthcare’s exclusive project plan operating system.

When she first became an interim healthcare leader, Amy thought her knowledge and understanding of quality was her most important attribute for the job. But after being in the field for the past three years, she says it’s more than that. Interim work requires her to be a good listener, a forward thinker, and a strategist.

Building strong teams

“You can’t ever start from scratch and hire all new people to create a team,” Amy says. “You have to help the people who are there reach their potential.” It’s a part of the job that Amy has come to appreciate. Meeting new people and sharing stories—both professional and personal—are what makes a team a team. And Amy fully realizes the value of a solid team in moving an organization forward.

Having traveled to three different states, and with assignments ranging in length from three months to nearly two years, Amy is pleased that she has chosen a career as an interim professional. “I’d encourage someone to become an interim if they’re ready to truly make a difference in a broader way,” she explains. “If you have a lot of knowledge and you’re ready to share it to help an organization grow, interim work is a great choice. You’ll find that you will grow too.”

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