Micro-Webinar: People Leadership

Leaders Matter: A Micro-
Webinar on People Leadership

Have you ever wondered how to get your managers to lead people AND drive meaningful business results? Creating strong manager training is hard work, but everybody at your organization will benefit when your managers can motivate, engage, and lead employees at work.

In a recent micro-webinar, TiER1 Consultants Jeremy Goebel and Kerri Chik walked through four key elements of manager training for equipping managers to develop and grow into effective leaders of teams. Check out the recording of the micro-webinar:

Leaders matter at all levels

Leaders at all levels matter—and their growth is paramount. When managers are effective at leading people AND driving business:

  • Frontline employees are empowered, engaged, and motivated.
  • Relationships with customers are positive and profitable.
  • Teams are aligned and communicating.
  • Work processes are efficient and produce desired results.
  • Organizational values are modeled to internal and external customers.

To learn more about these people leadership principles, check out this self-reflection worksheet.

Get the worksheet.

It includes a series of self-assessment questions plus links to research references for additional reading. (And the best part is, you don’t even need to fill out a form to download it.)

About the presenters

Jeremy Goebel is a Principal Consultant at TiER1 who’s passionate about developing leaders, transforming cultures, and overall unlocking people’s potential. He enjoys crafting learning experiences that both engage and inspire participants, using empathy to create relevant solutions that provoke meaningful and lasting change. (And he’s sure to bring lots of fun along the way!)

Kerri Chik is a Senior Solutions Consultant and Industrial Organizational Scientist at TiER1 who loves finding innovative, sound solutions to all types of cool problems and research questions. Kerri specializes in leadership and team development, performance measurement, data analysis, and instructional design. Other passions include yoga and behavioral statistics.

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