Supporting the Journey

Supporting Employees Through Their
Mental Health Journey

What if we could discuss mental health in the workplace as easily as we discuss getting the flu?

Supporting employees when they struggle physically, emotionally, and mentally is key to allowing us to reach the full potential of our greatest asset: people. When our people aren’t able to talk to us about issues that keep them from having a productive mindset, then it becomes almost impossible for them to focus on their performance.

Opening up the conversation about how to support employee mental health is tremendously important, however you do it. In this Q&A with our CEO Greg Harmeyer, we discuss the journey to share mental health struggles at work and how being open as a leader (and receiving support from other leaders) has a tremendously positive impact on employees and their organizations.

Curious about our Start the Conversation initiative? Learn more about why TiER1 got involved in this article from Greg.

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