Organizational Evolution

Organizational Evolution:

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There’s a hum to thriving organizations, as if passion, engagement, and achievement are simply in the air. And in a way, they are. Like background music in a movie, your high-performing environment sets the stage for what’s possible—for what your people can accomplish. We’ll help you align your culture, leadership, and people so your environment energizes your organization—inspiring people to do better and be better. Get ready to rock, because the next, best version of your organization awaits.

Organizational Evolution creates
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Here’s how.


Strategy is about where to play and how to win. It’s about uniquely competing in the marketplace. But a great strategy is nothing until it’s executed, and your success there depends on your people. Everything hinges on how you bring your strategy to life—in other words, how you inspire your people to believe, know what to do, and actually do things clearly aligned with your plan and purpose. At TiER1, that’s our sweet spot.

We’ll help your people connect to your purpose and vision in meaningful ways, creating the mindset and behavior shifts required to activate your strategy.


Management guru Peter Drucker is famous for saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” At TiER1, we think culture is a strategy. So we help clients actively manage their culture to enhance performance.

Your culture determines your employees’ personal interactions—how they treat each other, how they think, and how they feel. It’s the primary contributor to your people’s engagement and whether they are willing to give you their discretionary energy and effort—staying late to delight that tough customer!

So the atmosphere of your workplace can be your competitive advantage or your impediment.

High performing companies simply don’t leave this to chance—they make strategic choices to continually craft and influence their culture. It’s a process of defining, creating, and promoting your desired culture. It starts with a culture assessment, where we help you measure and understand your current culture. Then we begin the ongoing process of establishing and building your ideal environment.

It’s an exciting, ongoing journey of regularly discussing your values with your people and consistently aligning your operational decisions and behaviors with those values. And we can be there supporting you through every step, including execution—to achieve your desired results.


For all the books and programs developed around leadership over the decades, you might question the need for more leadership training. We would too…except in our experience, leadership development isn’t just about the content, it’s about the context.

Strategy and culture are two critically contextual elements that allow leadership development to be effective. Great leaders know how to realize the potential of others, while also managing for specific business results. Gallup research shows that people follow others for four reasons: hope, stability, compassion, and trust. High impact leadership happens when your influence is offered within the framework of a value system and consistent culture. Unfortunately, many leaders are unaware of blind spots they have and it limits their impact.

We help leaders become aware of, clarify, and overcome their blind spots. We know from research and experience the importance of emotional intelligence, and how integrating it with business acumen is a powerful amplifier of business leader impact. We have also found that building performance coaching mindsets and skills accelerates vertical development in leaders and the people they lead.

We have even built and delivered to multiple clients an out-of-the-box, yet fully customizable, toolkit called Coach2Lead to teach leaders how to coach. Overall, we know leadership development requirements are unique for every organization so when you work with us, know we will listen deeply to understand you so we can custom-craft blended solutions using stories and technology your leaders embrace.

The key here is that your leaders are able to connect with your employees—and activate—your strategy. By helping leaders plug into their organizational purpose, values, and strengths, we’ve seen them create high impact. We can do that for your leaders, too.

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Great organizations are made up of great teams. Around the world, this is how and where work gets done—by collaborating across a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. Your organization’s ability to execute strategy, create your desired culture, and rise to new heights is directly related to the health of your teams. Using a system of development tools, we work to intentionally foster cohesion and cross-team relationships, helping your teams move to the next level.

From executive leadership to business units groups, our focus is on shaping teams that are agile, aligned, and deeply connected. These are also teams with high trust.

When a group of people feel and think in an interrelated way, value creation soars. Cohesive feelings and thoughts result in action. And the positive impact is felt both in the marketplace and by shareholders.

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