Talent Development

Talent Development:

Same people,
more passion. Boom.

Imagine bold, optimistic energy alive across your whole organization. We’ll help you build a workforce of high-performers—people who continually connect with your mission and surpass your business goals. This is about attracting, hiring, retaining, and developing individuals—and then creating powerful systems and processes that empower their best performance. Your people will build your future—this is how you strengthen them for the task.

Talent Development creates
high-performing people.

Here’s how.


We love the spirit of new hires—and their eagerness to add value. Yet over 50% of voluntary turnover occurs in the first year of employment. Most leave because they feel undervalued or ill-prepared to perform as expected. That’s where effective onboarding comes in.

We design onboarding to be much more than an orientation—it’s a process of immersion, integration, and engagement. Great onboarding helps individuals achieve their highest level of performance in the shortest amount of time, while developing a personal network and meaningful connections to your organization. We create onboarding experiences that orient new employees to their environment and culture and help them quickly develop critical capabilities.

The key is a combination of practical experiences, structured content, and intuitive performance support. With effective onboarding, you can prepare your people to rapidly engage, make significant impact, and invest themselves in your organization for the long term.

Performance Management

Hoping for higher performance? More prepared managers? Clearer results from your efforts? Very few processes seem less energizing than performance management. But we’ve earned our stripes streamlining forms and processes, and optimizing and aligning performance management systems with employee management systems. Our hearts truly get pumping when we bring it all back to your people. We know that human performance depends on human interactions—and that’s where we specialize. We help managers and performers engage in productive dialogue, discussing realistic goals and challenges within a ‘manager as coach’ relationship.

These positive, ongoing conversations produce positive and observable outcomes. When we help organizations re-envision performance management in these terms, it has a powerful effect on individual performance—and an ongoing effect on overall talent development.

Capability Development

Want your workforce to show rock-solid knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors? With capability development we strengthen your people’s proficiency by aligning their personal development to the capabilities that have the most impact on your business strategy. It starts with clearly defined roles. It’s followed with an agile, effective competency model that hinges on a holistic approach.

To deliver it, we’ll leverage the latest science on adult learning. Focusing on the performer, we help organizations develop engaging experiences that are in context with the business, intuitive, and digestible.

With a framework built on technology, relationships, and your culture, our curriculum brings out the strengths and talents of your people. When you consistently offer high-quality, capability development opportunities, you’ll support the targeted progression of your performers—from new hire to seasoned mentors and leaders.

Performance Ecosystem

What’s a performance ecosystem? It’s the interconnection of the people, resources, processes, partnerships, and technologies that support performance and capability development. When this complex relationship is robust and healthy, it’s a powerful engine for your overall performance.

How do you get there? We help organizations create and manage performance ecosystems that engage, inspire, teach, and support. It starts by aligning your efforts to your key initiatives and organizational principles. And it continues as you cultivate the whole system to be more efficient, agile, and people-centric.

We can help you choose the right technologies, evaluate partners, and design the organizational structure that will enable and empower your performers to do incredible work—that’s perfectly aligned with your organization’s needs.

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