TiER1’s Commitment

TiER1’s Commitment

At TiER1, our mission is to improve organizations through the performance of people to build a better world. It is clear that there is much work to do to make this happen. While we don’t begin to have answers to the complex challenges we’re faced with, we know two things:

  • No individual should experience racial discrimination or marginalization.
  • Strong leadership is needed at every level to build a path toward progress—and a better world.

It is our commitment to our clients, communities, and our TiER1 family, that we are a part of the journey toward real progress. The following is an excerpt from our internal announcement that we see as a catalyst for additional conversation and action.

What is happening around us—over the past few days and weeks—brings a range of emotions…confusion, anger, frustration, and a deep, deep sadness, knowing that we can do better as a society. Each of us are likely experiencing and processing it all in different ways.

Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Christian Cooper. Let’s know their names. Let’s understand their stories.

We acknowledge that the tragic events that brought their names to our attention are not new; they are the latest examples that illustrate the individual bias, systemic racism, and instances of brutality that remain unfathomably too common.

Inequality is woven into the core of our society in many ways we may not even recognize.

As we know, words matter. Language is powerful. How we choose to use our voice is paramount. At TiER1, we’re using our Values in Action to help us process what’s happening around us. When we live our values to the fullest, we can work toward and create positive change.

Our organization continues to evolve and grow because we courageously step into new challenges. We do not shy away from what’s hard. We listen. We empathize. We seek to understand. This is an important moment for listening, empathy, and action.

TiER1 is not perfect. Our cities, communities, and our country are not perfect. Because of this, we have work to do…to build a better world.

The burden of seeking equality far too often is carried on the shoulders of those most marginalized. This cannot work.

The change we need is broad and deep. This type of change requires us to be active—as friends, colleagues, allies, and advocates.

We are committed as an organization to being part of the needed change. We invite continued conversation and collaboration with leaders working toward the same goal.

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