Performance Matters: Strategy Activation Issue

Performance Matters: The Strategy Activation Issue

The words “activity” and “activate” may look similar, but mistaking one for the other can mean critical failure when you need a win.

In most organizations, there is no shortage of activity. Work is always there, and everyone is busy doing something on any number of projects and assignments that (hopefully) create value for someone somewhere. Some of this “busy-ness” is critically important work that adds value…and some of it is unnecessary, or worse, counterproductive.

Likewise, every organization is looking to activate something. There may be a new set of priorities or initiatives that will drive new performance and results. Yet, to realize the potential of those strategies, organizations must wrestle with how to bring them to life. Overlaying the new on top of that “busy” system of work—and ultimately replacing it—is daunting.

This is the work of strategy activation: bringing strategy to a point of execution while maintaining the performance of the current business.

Strategy activation isn’t just activity; it’s more than delivering training or managing a process change. It’s also holistic and multidisciplinary so that key strategic initiatives take root across every aspect of the organization. And it is done through people.

I hope this edition of Performance Matters will spark your activation process and help you think about not just how to define better strategies, but how to fully activate them.

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