A Day in the Life of Denver

A Day in the Life of Denver

Our Denver team just won first place in the small business category for Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. (Woo!)

They’re an awesome bunch of people—and we’re hiring more Coloradans like them. So we thought we’d share what a day in the Denver office looks like (in case you want to join the team). Keep reading to hear from TiER1ers what they love about working at our TiER1 Denver office.

TiER1's Denver team accepts a Best Place to Work award

Leia McKinnon is a change consultant and loves the focus on putting people first:

I’m so proud to work for a company that believes organizations exist to serve people and not the other way around. TiER1 truly is a best place to work. Greg (TiER1’s CEO) has talked about not giving up on people—ever. Recognizing that every person is someone’s son or daughter and treating them with compassion. He believes we should help and support people, whether they’re at TiER1 or beyond. This type of compassion resonates throughout our company from recruiting to ongoing career development, and it shows up in the way people treat each other day in and day out.

Robyn Anderson is an account manager who shares what it’s like to be on Team Denver:

I love being a part of TiER1 Denver because I get to feed my entrepreneurial spirit by growing a new market. There is a buzz and excitement throughout the office as we continue to discover the many possibilities of who we can work with locally. It’s awesome to have a small and nimble team in Denver while being supported by 200+ teammates across the country.

Grant Simmons is a talent development guru and shares his passion at work:

I am truly inspired by the fact that everyone in the company, from top to bottom, values people and culture first. I have never had the privilege to work at a company that not only says it values people, but actually practices it. I feel as though I am encouraged to share my ideas and passions. Not only is this focus on people true internally, but we do this with our clients; I think that is why they keep coming to us as a trusted partner.

At TiER1, I get to bring my passion for helping others find freedom in their finances. This is where my ideas are not only heard but welcomed. I am given the power and trust to try a financial wellness initiative here at TiER1, not because I am an expert, but because I care deeply about our people. That is the only prerequisite.

One unique aspect of the Denver office is where TiER1ers work. Shift Workspaces is a flexible workspace office that offers much more than desks and meeting space to its tenants. TiER1ers in Denver recently hosted a rooftop wine tasting with Shift Workspaces, and several TiER1ers are excited about a yoga series that’s beginning Summer 2017.

At TiER1, we wholeheartedly believe that if employees are well respected and the environment is a welcoming place to work, people will excel at what they do. Interested in joining our Denver team? Check out our current openings. We’d love to connect with you!

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