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Businesses That Care Podcast

Recently, TiER1’s CEO Greg Harmeyer was invited to speak on the Businesses That Care Podcast with host Julie Ann Sullivan. Their discussion centered around creating a culture of trust within an organization, and how that culture is at the core of TiER1’s success in engaging their employees. Check out the full episode below.

In this episode of Businesses That Care, Greg and Julie Ann discuss:

  • Employee engagement at TiER1.
  • The first step to building trust within your organization.
  • The benefits of having an employee-owned company.
  • Why “work-life balance” is an oxymoron.
  • The processes Greg uses to build trust and connectivity in the company.
  • The benefits of developing a culture of trust and openness.
  • Greg’s advice for those starting a new business.
  • Why companies should view employees as clients.

“The shift we’re seeing in the workforce today in forward-thinking companies is creating environments that create a lot of space for people,” Greg said. “That’s where people want to work; it’s where I want to work. You want to work with people who are like-minded and have similar value systems, and you want to work in an environment where people trust and share and care about each other.”

Listen to the full episode or learn more about Julie Ann Sullivan and the Businesses That Care podcast.