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TiER1 Named a 2018 Best
Workplace by Inc. Magazine

We’re proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, TiER1 has been named an Inc. Magazine Best Workplace for 2018 in the publication’s third-annual ranking in the fast-growing private company sector.

From our CEO, Greg Harmeyer, on why this award matters to TiER1:

“Being recognized again as an Inc. Best Workplace is a testament to the dedication and caliber of our people and the clients who give us the opportunity to shine. Our success is the collective result of the performance of our people, so it’s critical for us to create a culture that engages the full person. People want to be fully engaged and to contribute their talents in a way that is meaningful. To truly realize the potential of every individual—and, in turn, every organization—we need to create environments that allow them to be their best.”

(Check out Greg’s article Don’t Just Hire Great People… for more of his thinking on this topic.)

Why TiER1 made the list.

TiER1 is honored to make the list of 2018 Best Workplaces for many reasons, but one of the most meaningful is that our employee owners identified TiER1 as a best workplace. In their own words, here are some reasons why they love working at TiER1.

  • Laura Hoppa, Principal Communications Consultant: “The high trust environment at TIER1 is part of our secret sauce, and it’s my favorite benefit of working here. Along those lines, generously extending trust—and also being trustworthy—are essential TiER1er traits.”
  • Jen Price, Senior Solutions Consultant: “Culture is key! For me it’s the whole package of collaboration, trust, autonomy, flexibility, and fun. It’s about being part of something larger than myself, doing meaningful work, and making a difference through service to clients, other TiER1ers, and the community.”
  • Devin Arbenz, Instructional Designer: “Authenticity is really important to me—feeling like I can be myself at work and incorporate my own passions into the things I do. For example, being involved in GiVE (TiER1’s community service initiative) is really important to me because I am serious about community service and bettering the world. Thanks to GiVE, I can pursue that passion at work AND on my days off! I know that TiER1 cares about my life outside of work. Anyone who has worked with me knows that it’s virtually impossible for me to NOT be myself; my catchphrase is, “All I can do is be me!” It’s important for me to be at a company that values who I am as a whole person. That doesn’t mean I can’t grow and change, but it means I don’t have to hide the different parts of who I am.”
  • Leia McKinnon, Principal Change Management Consultant: “For me, it’s having the ability to grow an already outstanding company, develop a new market, clients, and teams; and create something uniquely special.”
  • Ryan Meyer, Director of Technology Solutions: “I really value the beer fridge. Yes, that sounds trite. But there’s something about what the beer fridge represents. It means we’re trusted to have a drink in the office whenever we feel is appropriate. It’s our leaders having the autonomy to say, “This is important for our team,” and being able to restock it. It’s the freedom of taking a few minutes towards the end of the day to be ourselves and hang out as friends, not just “resources.” There’s a lot of good stuff hiding in that beer fridge (literally and figuratively).”

“Our hats are off to the winners,” says James Ledbetter, Inc. editor-in-chief. “They all excelled at engaging their workers, making them feel appreciated, and aligning them behind a mission. And remember, that’s not just our opinion: The employees told us that themselves.”

About Inc.’s Best Workplaces.

The award is the result of a wide-ranging and comprehensive measurement of private American companies who have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits. Out of thousands of applicants, Inc. singled out just under 300 winning companies.

Built in partnership with employee engagement and work culture experts Quantum Workplace, Inc.’s Best Workplaces list is a magnifying glass on how innovative companies can truly raise the bar in hiring and retaining the best talent.

The 2018 Inc. Best Workplaces Awards assessed applicants on the basis of benefits offered and employees’ responses to a unique, 30-question survey fielded by each of the applying companies. Responses were evaluated by the research team at Quantum Workplace. For its results to qualify, each company had to achieve a statistically significant response rate based on employee count. Survey scores account for employer size to level the playing field between small and large businesses. All companies had to have a minimum of 10 employees and to be U.S.-based, privately held, and independent—that is, not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies.

Learn more about TiER1’s values and employment opportunities, and view the full list of 2018 Best Workplaces.

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