What is Gamification?

What Is 

You’ve probably noticed the term gamification used in conversations around learning, change, and talent development. It’s so commonplace these days, it’s almost hard to call it a trend.

That’s because at its core, gamification is about designing for engagement.

But there’s a reason it has a bad rap sometimes. When done poorly it can feel gimmicky and actually cheapen an experience. That’s why when clients come to us and ask for help gamifying a course, a program, an initiative, or even a business metric we find it helpful to ensure a mutual understanding on what exactly we mean by gamification and why we employ it in our solutions.

Ready to start gamifying?

Start by asking questions like a game-designer:

  • How would I design this experience if people weren’t required to come?
  • How can I turn content into challenges?
  • What would I want if I were them?

What are you waiting for? Start gamifying. Once you see engagement, you’ll never go back.

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