Human-centered learning and performance technology

Traditional eLearning delivered through a traditional learning management system (LMS) won’t always cut it in today’s modern, fast-moving, distributed organization. Don’t get us wrong—they’re still valuable tools in your toolbelt. But to keep pace with audience demands, we must fully leverage technology to create engaging, relevant, and user-centric learning experiences.

Custom, Contextual,
and Cost-Effective Technology.

Learning solutions should be user-centric: contextual, role-specific, and richly interactive. At the same time, your organization wants to be sure they’re maintainable, measurable, and (maybe most importantly) cost-effective.

That’s where Performance1 comes into play. Our platform has a powerful toolkit of core features that we blend to create engaging, user-specific learning experiences. By building on a core framework, we can more efficiently create a custom application to meet your needs without the cost of starting from scratch.

Customized to Meet Your Needs.

Gamified simulations that allow full content authoring and learning analytics? Check. We’ve done that for clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies to the Missile Defense Agency.

Competency evidence management platforms that support complex training and career pathing requirements? Yes indeed. Ask us about our work for the U.S. Air Force and higher education.

Role-specific onboarding programs that track employee progress through content, activities, and meaningful connections? We’ve done that too, for direct sales organizations and a well-known vehicle manufacturer.

What Performance1 Brings to the Table.

Configurable data models and rich content authoring
Dynamic, interactive, and personalized user interfaces
Fully searchable with indexed content and metadata filtering
Integrated user management with org hierarchy and role-based permissions
Measurable performance: reporting dashboards for individuals and teams
Competency mapping for aggregating performance data across activities
Hosting, maintenance, and support plans as needed

We’ve designed Performance1 to be simple and easy to use, but don’t be fooled: this is a heavyweight champion of performance technology. Its flexible, modular design can handle the most robust learning needs. Not sure what your future needs are? Don’t sweat it. With Performance1, you can start with the basic functions and let the system grow with you as your needs change.

From system interface to delivery mechanisms, Performance1 is completely customizable. You can organize and personalize information in a way that suits you and your company, even down to the individual level. Features like adaptive learning, personal learning prescriptions, content personalization, and learning portals make each learner’s experience that much more effective.

Of course, to implement the best systems, we need the best technology and support. That’s why Performance1 utilizes a scalable .NET platform, modern JavaScript frameworks, and numerous other technologies and learning standards—we’re ready to partner with you to build your solution.