2 Brandon Hall Awards for Leadership Dev

TiER1 Wins Silver & Bronze Brandon
Hall Excellence Awards

We are honored to receive two 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in partnership with our client Atrium Health: Silver for Best Advance in Leadership Development and Bronze for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program.

“This program has pushed our leaders beyond boundaries, breaking down silos and being a combination of strategy and innovation to go to the next level in leadership,” says Rose Le, Director of Learning and Organizational Development at Atrium Health. “Partnering with TiER1 is proving instrumental in the work we are forging with leadership growth and development. They are a trusted partner who delivers quality collaboration with our teams.”

An image of the Silver and Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Awards for Leadership Development

How we partnered to advance leadership development

Together, Atrium Health and TiER1 created a leadership development program that promotes leadership readiness among leaders of leaders at Atrium Health. As part of the organization’s broader leadership initiative, this advanced leadership certificate program was designed to develop talented leaders who cultivate and maintain high-performing teams, ultimately helping Atrium Health meet its strategic goals.

The leadership development program offers blended experiential learning inside and outside of the classroom to encourage relationship-building among peers. They also include instructor-led workshops with pre- and post-work based on the development model of leading people, leading processes, and connecting to purpose.

Following a successful launch in 2017, the leadership program has positively impacted the organization and its strategic goals. Leaders are now establishing team goals that are directly aligned with the organization’s targets, resulting in increased productivity, higher patient satisfaction, and improved teammate engagement for leaders who have participated in the programs. Through program activities and self-assessments, leaders work through their goals to apply what they are learning in the moment to make an impact on the organization.

“Atrium Health is establishing a culture where leaders are empowered to inspire teammate engagement by developing their self and others, connecting to purpose, and operating with excellence through constant change,” says Victoria Rodgers, Market Development Director at TiER1. “It was great to witness an organization be so intentional, open to ideation, and focused on holistic development.”

In today’s complex and often challenging healthcare industry, effective leadership is a must. Thanks to this award-winning leadership development program, client Atrium Health is better poised to equip leaders with the tools and resources they need to execute on operational goals in a fast-paced environment through leading change, influencing, and collaboration.

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