Technology Tools for Your Virtual Experiences

Technology Tools for
Your Virtual Experiences

When designing a virtual experience, finding the right technology platform is one of the key steps. Once you’ve identified your virtual experience objectives, consult the comparison charts below to understand what features are available on popular platforms. Be sure to let your desired outcomes for the experience guide your technology selection.

Virtual Working Tools

Work together and collaborate live and asynchronously.


Virtual Learning Tools

Create and deliver virtual live learning experiences.


Virtual Gathering Tools

Host large-scale virtual events (e.g., a conference, all-company meeting, or industry gathering).

If you’re hosting a large-scale virtual gathering, whether a meeting with 100+ colleagues or a conference of 10,000 attendees, a virtual event platform is the way to go. Here we highlight three go-to options that fit a number of needs.

Labroots and ON24 are purpose-designed virtual conference platforms. You would plan to put as much time into the design and organization of a conference on these platforms as you would a live event. In return, you get a fantastic attendee experience with high engagement and interaction designed to drive networking, relationships, and sales with top-notch attendee insight reporting, virtual exhibit booths that link vendors to attendees, and the expected connections between presenters, panelists, and attendees. Labroots specializes in the science community and has broadened its scope to handle more general events, while ON24 is an all-purpose virtual event platform. Both platforms meet high volume needs well, with Labroots supporting specialized needs of the scientific community.

Microsoft Live Events leveraging the M365 Teams, Yammer, and Stream platforms, is the go-to on-demand live event platform. If you need to setup a broadcast gathering of up to 10,000 people on short notice, Microsoft Live Events is the tool for the job. Event setup is a manual task, and you don’t get the bells and whistles of the purpose-built platforms like Labroots and ON24, but with a few clicks you can setup your own large virtual gathering and reach your target audience at no extra cost with an M365 license.


Not sure where to start? It’s important to understand your organization’s virtual readiness as well as the goals and objectives of the virtual experience you are designing. Be sure to check out this Virtual Playbook for more ideas, or connect with us at 859-415-1000 or with the Let’s Talk! form below.

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