Micro-Webinar on Adoptify

TiER1 Hosts Micro-Webinar on
Gamified Behavior Change

Have you ever faced a big challenge—say, getting the entire organization ready for a large-scale systems implementation—and wondered how to get employees to WANT to do what they HAVE to do?

Recently TiER1 Consultants Caitlin Robie and Dustin Shell showcased a client solution built using Adoptify and the five game design principles that are driving employee engagement and participation during change. Check out the recording of the micro-webinar:

Want to game your change?

To learn more about these game design principles, check out our whitepaper, Gaming Your Change. (You don’t even need to fill out a form to download it.) And if you’re looking for a game changer for your organization, click here to learn more about Adoptify.

About the presenters.

Caitlin Robie, Senior Solutions Consultant, has successfully partnered with clients to design and execute communication and change strategies for large system implementations including SAP, Oracle, Siebel, and PeopleSoft. She supports a variety of innovative change, HR, operations, and organizational development initiatives. Caitlin is also a skilled researcher with experience collecting and analyzing data to engage audiences and achieve results.

Dustin Shell, Director of Innovation, loves pushing the limits of technology to help people and organizations do their best work and realize their full potential. Dustin has a strong background in designing, implementing, and researching learning space design and online scenario-based environments. Currently, Dustin specializes in mobile learning strategy, implementing enterprise social intranets, and gamifying learning environments to improve engagement in the workplace.

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