Walter Warwick

Principal Scientist & Employee Owner

Walter Warwick

Alma Mater
University of Colorado
Tufts University
Indiana University

What He’s Passionate About

Working at the seams of interdisciplinary research where cognitive science and computational modeling meet.

Professional Experience

Walter has more than 15 years’ experience developing computational models of cognition and human performance. He has a deep interest in understanding and improving the methods used by computational modelers to create, validate, and communicate the workings of their models.

Where He Shines

Walter is at his best when he explores complex and ill-defined problems with his colleagues. He focuses his attention on problems that can only be understood from a combination of different perspectives. For example, to trace the intellectual history of computer science you have to understand both intuitions and formal theory. (That’s regular dinner talk for everyone, right?)

Favorite Things

Big Words
Race Skis