Jack Raisch

Instructional Designer & Employee Owner

Jack Raisch

Alma Mater
University of Dayton

What He’s Passionate About

Making the complicated a little simpler. Through clear language and a focus on the end user, Jack strives to transform “need-to-knows” into “want-to-knows.”

Professional Experience

With a keen interest on the intersection of psychology and language, Jack has worked with clients such as Delta to create salient learning materials. A “Jack-of-all-trades,” he intentionally pulls principles from communication to make dynamic instructor-led and online learning. He even traded Pittsburgh for Arizona for a month when he traveled across the southern state to train retailers for an Arizona lottery systems change.

What People Say About Him

Jack is known for a vivacious high-kick, especially when the entire downtown Pittsburgh office chooses to get Indian or tacos for lunch.

An Unlikely Path

Jack was a marketing intern for a boutique hotel agency and absolutely loved it and says he will never look at hospitality the same way again. He also tutors someone in her preparation for the GED.

Fun Facts

Move over, school bus. Jack took a boat to high school every day. Think: less yacht and more Staten Island Ferry.
Jack lived in Zambia for six weeks. He got trapped in Italy as an exchange student when a volcano erupted in Iceland, causing changes in air travel.