TiER1 Receives Phase II Award

TiER1 Performance Solutions Receives
$973K Phase II SBIR Award

TiER1 Performance Solutions announced today that they received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award for $973,000 from the Missile Defense Agency, Huntsville, Alabama. The project, known as SCORE (Simulated Challenge for Operational Readiness and Engagement), is an individual game-based learning environment that bridges the gap between missile defense schoolhouse training and high fidelity simulated exercises, giving learners the opportunity to apply skills in simulated scenarios with a well-defined scoring algorithm that maps the user’s actions and decisions to contributing competencies.

According to Dr. Terence Andre, Chief Scientist for TiER1, “The SCORE project leverages several years of experience in developing gamified learning solutions and simulations for our commercial clients. That experience can now add innovative capability to improve training and mission readiness for the Missile Defense Agency and other Department of Defense users.”

Screen shot from conceptual design of the SCORE game user interface

SCORE addresses both learning effectiveness and cost-effectiveness for training warfighters. By providing challenges personalized to the learner’s current skill level, the man-hours spent in training time can be reduced. By virtue of being an individual and on-demand system, less time will be spent coordinating large in-person exercises. And by utilizing gamification techniques, learners will be motivated to hone and maintain their skills throughout their career by finding opportunities to fit training into their already busy schedules.

TiER1 has partnered with Boecore Inc. out of Colorado Springs, Colorado—a leader in missile defense training, doctrine, and exercises. The TiER1 project team includes Terence Andre, Rich Marmura, Gregg Liming, Erin Mann, Ryan Meyer, Dustin Shell, Ian Herzog, Thomas Skokowski, Mike Hasselbeck, Aaron Kantor, and Rod Ford.

About the Department of Defense SBIR Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) SBIR program funds a billion dollars each year in early-stage R&D projects at small technology companies — projects that serve a DoD need and have commercial applications. This program encourages small business to explore their technological potential while providing the incentive to profit from its commercialization. For more information, visit the DoD’s website.

About TiER1 Performance Solutions

Founded in 2002, TiER1 Performance Solutions is an employee-owned consulting firm that provides talent development, strategic change, and organizational evolution solutions to help people do their best work. This ranges from culture and training to onboarding and systems adoption. TiER1 solves human performance challenges with the creativity of a full-service design firm, the know-how of expert instructional designers, the strategy of skilled consultants and a suite of cutting-edge technologies that brings solutions to life.

TiER1 is a nationally recognized company that has delivered solutions to more than 200 of the world’s most successful corporate, academic, and government organizations. TiER1 has been a member of the Inc. 5000, 2007-2016, received a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award, a PMI Small Business Award of Excellence, 11 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, and ranked a 2017 Top 50 Best Workplaces by Inc. TiER1 has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC.

To learn more about TiER1’s work on the SCORE project, contact Terence Andre at t.andre@tier1performance-staging.qrvschg3-liquidwebsites.com.

Approved for Public Release
17-MDA-9340 (11 Sept 17)

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